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Job alert The EBI Metagenomics Portal and MG-RAST are the world-leading platforms offering free-to-use analysis services for the characterisation of metagenomics sequences. The Metagenomics Exchange is a new collaboration between these platforms, aiming to promote data exchange, discovery and cross talk between the resources and their analysis pipelines. Metagenomics analysis is challenging in terms of scale of data and diversity of data.

We are seeking an experienced software developer to work on this project, specifically working on the EBI metagenomics resource. The post-holder will be involved in implementing pipeline components, evaluating different storage solutions, investigating different cloud deployment approaches for running the pipeline and the application of workflow technologies (e.g. CWL). New technologies and approaches will be interweaved into the existing analysis framework largely written in Python and backed by MySQL and NoSQL data stores, to increase the pipeline throughput, robustness and scope of analysis. The candidate will also help establish data exchange procedures between EBI metagenomics and MG-RAST, to deliver a framework for broadcasting and exchange of metagenomics datasets and their associated analysis results, in collaboration with the European Nucleotide Resource. The EBI Metagenomics Portal project is maintained by a four-person sub-team within the larger Sequence Families team lead by Rob Finn (organised into biocurators, production software developers and web developers each with a sub-team lead). The post-holder will report to Simon Potter, participate in daily scrum meetings with the production software and web developers, attend EMG team meetings and gather requirements from key stakeholders for sprint planning meetings. The collaborative nature of EBI requires the post-holder to interact with other EBI teams, particularly the Technical Services teams and maintain and foster external collaborations, particularly with the MG-RAST team.

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