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EMP logo The Earth Microbiome Project is now available in MGnify. The Earth Microbiome Project (EMP)1 is a wide ranging collaborative effort that attempts to characterise the taxonomic and functional diversity of microbial life on the planet. Founded in 2010, the project includes 96 different studies, comprising approximately 26k individual sequencing runs from a diverse range of biomes.

Recently, we have started collaborating with GBIF, who requested the analysis of the EMP data to increase the number of land-based taxonomic observations. We have now analysed all of the EMP microbial sequencing data and made it available through MGnify. This provides a single point of discovery and ensures that all of the data has been processed consistently with the same analysis pipeline, making it easier to compare EMP datasets to each other and to other studies in the resource. The table below lists the analysis accessions and titles for all EMP studies to help explore this highly valuable project.


List of EMP studies in MGnify

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Biome Accession Study name
MGYS00003922 A combination of biochar-mineral complexes and compost improves soil bacterial processes, soil quality, and plant properties
MGYS00003869 A decade of seasonal dynamics and co-occurrences within freshwater bacterioplankton communities from eutrophic Lake Mendota, WI, USA
MGYS00003917 Agricultural intensification and the functional capacity of soil microbes on smallholder African farms - kakamenga
MGYS00003921 Agricultural intensification and the functional capacity of soil microbes on smallholder African farms -swkenya
MGYS00003855 Anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing bacteria in marine environments: widespread occurrence but low diversity
MGYS00003962 Bacterial Community Spatial and Temporal Variation in a North Temperate Bog Lake
MGYS00003867 Bergen Ocean Acidification Mesocosms
MGYS00003687 Biodiversity and Functional Patterns of Microbial Assemblages in Postglacial Pond Sediment Profiles
MGYS00003806 Biogeographical distribution and diversity of microbes in methane hydrate-bearing deep marine sediments on the Pacific Ocean Margin
MGYS00003809 Bioturbating shrimp alter the structure and diversity of bacterial communities in coastal marine sediments
MGYS00003666 Bird Egg Shells from Spain
MGYS00003909 Brazelton LostCity chimney biofilm
MGYS00003754 Brazilian Antarctic cleanup 16S
MGYS00003807 Canadian MetaMicroBiome Initiative samples from
MGYS00003708 Catchment sources of microbes
MGYS00003780 Catlin Arctic Survey 2010 L3
MGYS00003769 Chu Changbai mountain soil
MGYS00003677 Continental-scale variation in seaweed host-associated bacterial communities is a function of host condition, not geography
MGYS00002673 Convergence of gut microbiomes in myrmecophagous mammals
MGYS00003750 Defining seasonal marine microbial community dynamics
MGYS00003759 Distinct microbial communities associated with buried soils in the Siberian tundra.
MGYS00003810 Diversity of carbonate deposits and basement rocks in continental and marine serpentinite seeps.
MGYS00003800 Dominguez sleep deprived flies
MGYS00003786 Environmental metagenomic interrogation of Thar desert microbial communities
MGYS00003911 Ercolini whole grain feces
MGYS00003852 Examination of Microbial Communities through a Freshwater/saltwater Transition Zone in Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico
MGYS00003785 Exploring links between pH and bacterial community composition in soils from the Craibstone Experimental Farm.
MGYS00003670 Ezenwa Cape Buffalo
MGYS00003916 Friedman Alaska peat soils
MGYS00003681 Garcia bird gut microbiome
MGYS00003699 Geographic distance and pH drive bacterial distribution in alkaline lake sediments across Tibetan Plateau
MGYS00003851 Gibbons tongue river 16S
MGYS00003957 Global patterns of 16S rRNA diversity at a depth of millions of sequences per sample - 3 prime
MGYS00003864 Great Lake Microbiome
MGYS00003951 Gut microbiome of hibernating bears
MGYS00003923 Gut microbiota of phyllostomid bats that span a breadth of diets
MGYS00003765 Halophilic Communities as a Source for Novel Lignocellulolytic Enzymes
MGYS00003698 Hawaii Kohala Volcanic Soils
MGYS00003963 Influence of tillage practices on soil microbial diversity and activity in a long-term corn experimental field under continuous maize production
MGYS00004557 Intergenerational Lizard Lounges do not Explain Variation in the Gut Microbiomes of Green Iguanas
MGYS00003812 Jurelivicius Antarctic cleanup
MGYS00003854 Kilauea geothermal soils and biofilms
MGYS00003925 Knight skin biogeography comparison
MGYS00003865 Laboratory Directed Research and Development Biological Carbon Sequestration
MGYS00003973 Latitudinal surveys of algal-associated microorganisms
MGYS00003691 Long Term Soil Productivity project
MGYS00003961 Long-term seasonal development in selected lakes of Northeast Germany
MGYS00003659 Longitudinal analysis of microbial interaction between humans and the indoor environment
MGYS00003853 magnificent mongolian microbes
MGYS00003918 Malaysia Lambir Soils
MGYS00003919 Malaysia Pasoh Landuse Logged Forest
MGYS00003868 Marine CDOM accumulation during a coastal Arctic mesocosm experiment: No response to elevated pCO2 levels
MGYS00003913 Marine mammal skin microbiomes
MGYS00003793 McGuire Nicaragua coffee soil
MGYS00001524 Metagenomics reveals sediment microbial community response to Deepwater Horizon oil spill
MGYS00003862 Microbial communities of the deep unfrozen: Do microbes in taliks increase permafrost carbon vulnerability?
MGYS00003673 Microbial community of the bulk soil and rhizosphere of rice plants over its lifecycle
MGYS00003937 Microbial diversity in arctic freshwaters is structured by inoculation of microbes from soils
MGYS00003705 Microbiome of honey bees from Puerto Rico
MGYS00003914 Mission Bay Sediment Viromes
MGYS00002184 Moving pictures of the human microbiome
MGYS00003861 Myrold Alder Fir
MGYS00003688 Myrold Oregon transect
MGYS00003813 NEON: Directions and resources for long-term monitoring in soil microbial ecology
MGYS00003772 New Zealand Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment soil samples
MGYS00003920 Panama Precip Grad Soil
MGYS00003706 Peralta starlings
MGYS00003866 Polluted Polar Coastal Sediments
MGYS00003814 Prokaryote populations of extant microbialites along a depth gradient in Pavilion Lake, British Columbia, Canada
MGYS00003783 Protist diversity in a permanently ice-covered Antarctic Lake during the polar night transition
MGYS00003707 Puerto Rico and Plantanal
MGYS00003912 Recovery of biological soil crust-like microbial communities in previously submerged soils of Glen canyon
MGYS00003773 Rees Vulcano island MedSea
MGYS00003811 Replicating the microbial community and water quality performance of full-scale slow sand filters in laboratory-scale filters.
MGYS00003863 Rio de Janeiro Coastline
MGYS00003946 Seyler North Atlantic water column
MGYS00003748 Song Colorado freshwater fish
MGYS00003952 Song whitehead bats
MGYS00003858 Spatial scale drives patterns in soil bacterial diversity.
MGYS00003860 Spatial variation in arctic soil microbial communities in fire impacted permafrost ecosystems
MGYS00003684 Spirito monensin cow hindgut
MGYS00003870 Temple TX native exotic precip study
MGYS00003798 The ecological dichotomy of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in the hyper-arid soils of the Antarctic Dry Valleys (NZTABS)
MGYS00003871 The gut microbiota distinguishes GI-healthy and -unhealthy captive colobineprimates
MGYS00003977 The gut microbiota distinguishes GI-healthy and -unhealthy captive colobineprimates - Hale folivorous primates (HiSeq)
MGYS00003950 The gut microbiota distinguishes GI-healthy and -unhealthy captive colobineprimates - Hale folivorous primates (MiSeq)
MGYS00003924 The oral and skin microbiomes of captive Komodo Dragons are significantly shared with their habitat.
MGYS00003808 The role of macrobiota in structuring microbial communities along rocky shores
MGYS00003859 Understanding Cultivar-Specificity and Soil Determinants of the Cannabis Microbiome
MGYS00003915 Urban stress is associated with variation in microbial species composition, but not richness, in Manhattan
MGYS00003856 Viral communities associated with algal/coral interactions
MGYS00003857 Whole-grain wheat consumption reduces inflammation in a randomized controlled trial on overweight and obese subjects with unhealthy dietary and lifestyle behaviors: role of polyphenols bound to cereal dietary fiber
Unprocessed studies  
ERP022167 MGnify QC not passed
ERP023684 MGnify QC not passed
ERP010098 Failed ENA validation/processing
ERP006348 ENA suppressed at the submitter’s request

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